Protection from the risk of contact with… infectious, biological, and hazardous materials.

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Protecting Vets from the risk of contact with

infectious, biological, and hazardous materials


Your veterinary staff is exposed to many risks throughout the day. For everyday protection in your practice, our disposable Nitrile gloves provide superior barrier protection. Veterinary professionals use Nitrile gloves in diagnosis, medical treatment and care of animals. Veterinarians can rest assured that they are better protected with Nitrile gloves when they come in contact with unknown substances.

Dental Exam and Prophylaxis

Animal’s mouths contain bacteria, plaque and sometimes foreign bodies. When vet’s examine an animal’s mouth and teeth, it is important to protect both the vet and the animal by wearing proper barrier protection on your hands i.e disposable exam veterinary gloves . This is especially important during dental cleanings, when blood, plaque, saliva and other biohazards will be coming into contact with your hands. Disposable exam veterinary gloves can help protect you during dental procedures.

Disposable Veterinary Gloves for Animal Groomers and Boarding Facilities

Many veterinarians are affiliated with onsite dog and cat grooming and boarding facilities. Disposable exam veterinary gloves make feeding, grooming and cleaning up pet waste much easier. Disposble veterinary gloves aid in protecting you against dirt, bacteria, biohazards and pet odors. They are also handy for administering medications and preventing the spread of infections.


Nothing can beat the Strength, Comfort and Protection of Nitrile Gloves!

Nitrile Gloves will stand up to the toughest Job!