Protection from the risk of contact with… infectious, biological, and hazardous materials.

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Gloves for Daycare and Child care personnel can provide and important barrier protection against contact with body fluids and various types of contamination with germs that commonly causes infectious diseases such as – changing diapers – feeding children – sneezing – wiping and blowing noses – and in playrooms with objects that children drool on, and put in their mouths.

Daycare providers and preschool teachers can control the spread of illness by taking a few simple preventative measures.

Daycare and Child care providers can control the spread of illness by the proper handling of soiled diapers and cleansing of the diaper changing area. If changing of diapers occurs by the daycare or child care provider, gloves should be worn and the changing station should be a specific area and cleaned after use. One person should handle the diaper and dispense of it properly.

Disposable gloves should be worn while diapering a child and in any situation where there might be contact with blood, bodily fluids or blood-or fluid-contaminated items or substances.


Ready Your Supplies

  • Prepare diapering area with diapers, disposable wipes, skin cremes, lotions, disinfectant and paper towels.
  • Use a changing surface that is non-absorbent.
  • Put on disposable Nitrile gloves.

Lay Child On the Changing Surface

  • Minimize contact with child’s soiled clothes and diapers. Remember to keep a hand on baby at all times.
  • Clean the child’s bottom gently from front to back with a fresh disposable wipe.
  • Throw disposable diapers, paper towels, and diaper wipes into a covered receptacle.
  • Put soiled clothes and cloth diapers into a plastic bag to be sent home with parent.

Diaper the Child

  • Clean any spills and soil from table.
  • Remove disposable gloves.
  • Wash hands or wipe hands with a disposable wipe.
  • Place clean diaper on the child.

Wash Child's Hands

  • Remove child from changing table.
  • Wash child’s hand with soap and water at sink.

Clean Diaper Changing Area

  • Dispose of any paper liner for table.
  • Disinfect the table.
  • Allow the table to air dry.

Wash Your Hands

  • Wash your hands with soap and warm water at sink for at least 15 seconds.
  • Use a paper towel to turn off faucet.


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